'Biofile' Creator Alleges 'N.Y. Post' Columnist Copied His Work

By: Dave Astor "Biofile" creator Mark "Scoop" Malinowski is charging that material from his self-syndicated Q&A feature was copied by New York Post sports columnist Steve Serby.

When reached by E&P, Serby called Malinowski "a desperate small-timer who apparently thinks he invented the Q&A."

Malinowski told E&P he asked Serby in 2003 for a mention of the "Biofile" Web site in the Post and that Serby then suggested Malinowski e-mail "Biofile" samples to him. Serby later began writing "Serby's Sunday Q&A," a feature Malinowski felt had similarities to the 1992-launched "Biofile" -- which profiles athletes and others for about 30 print and online clients.

"To my horror, 'Serby's Sunday Q&A' was using many of my questions, just reworded," said Malinowski. He noted that Serby was asking athletes for their best and worst moments, favorite TV shows and movies, and other things similar to what Malinowski has been asking for years.

"You're going to see questions like that in a lot of Q&As," countered Serby, who began his Sunday Q&A feature in May 2004. The longtime Post writer (he joined the paper in 1972) is also the co-author of "LT: Over the Edge" with former football star Lawrence Taylor.

Malinowski said he hasn't confronted Serby directly, but sent "respectful letters" to Post Sports Editor Greg Gallo asking that the alleged copying stop. He said Gallo "never responded to me."

E&P left phone messages for Gallo at the Post sports department yesterday and this morning. The messages were not returned at the time this story was posted.

Malinowski said he has tried to get his work into the Post for years, and even freelanced two "Biofile" installments in 2004 to a section of the paper aimed at Latino readers.


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