'Breaking News' from the AP -- In Book Form

By: E&P Staff The "how I got that story" aspect of scoops and other major articles has always been appealing. Now a team of journalists have told their tales in a 432-page hardcover book, "Breaking News: How the Associated Press has Covered War, Peace, and Everything Else," published by Princeton Architectural Press.

It includes a forward by the late David Halberstam, fresh material from AP archives, and is illustrated with images also from AP.

The book covers decades of history, from election campaigns and assassinations to disasters at home and wars abroad. Halberstam, who covered the Vietnam War for The New York Times, recalls his years in Saigon.

Others who contribute include: Walter Mears, Richard Pyle, Tom Jory, Mike Feinsilber, Larry Heinzerling, Hal Buell, Jerry Schwartz, Terry Hunt, Cal Woodward and Sally Jacobsen.

One example: After Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis in 1968, AP reporter Kathryn Johnson was welcomed into the King household in Atlanta over several days, cooking for mourners and children, but also filing stories about Jackie Kennedy?s condolence call and other events, big and small.

AP President and CEO Tom Curley writes in the preface: "As 'Breaking News' makes clear, it's not enough to just cover what happens -- you have to get that news out. One reason for our longevity has been an ability to adapt quickly to new technology."


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