Campus Group Tweaks Coulter with Book Titles

By: Dave Astor The liberal Campus Progress group held a contest to name columnist Ann Coulter's next liberal-bashing book. The winning entry -- "Roosevelt: Wheelchair-riding, America-hating Terrorist" -- was submitted by Baltimore-based Ryan Sniatecki, who will receive a talking Ann Coulter action figure.

"Everyone here at Campus Progress expresses their utmost gratitude to Ryan, not only for participating but for the fact that the doll scares the hell out of us and we're anxious to get the thing out of our office," notes a statement on

Runner-up titles include "Pander: How Character Assassination and Name-calling Will Make You Popular and Rich," "Damn: I Can't Believe I Get Away With This!," and "Ann: Doesn't Eat, Shoots, and Never Leaves." There were about 150 entries in all.

When "Reliable Source" writer Richard Leiby mentioned the contest in today's Washington Post, he also mentioned some titles Coulter e-mailed him in response to the contest. They included "Tuesdays With Morons," "The Five People You Meet in Line at the Welfare Office," and "Their Eyes Were Watching God and Banning Him From Public Schools."

Coulter has again been in the news for calling fellow columnist Helen Thomas an "old Arab" in her Feb. 23 piece. Universal Press Syndicate removed the "Arab" reference, but Coulter retained it in the version of the column on her Web site. As of today, there's still a Universal copyright under this version and no disclaimer indicating that Universal took out "Arab" before sending the Feb. 23 piece to Coulter's 110 client newspapers.


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