Canopy Surveys Interest in Paper from Non-Wood Fiber

By: E&P Staff Eco-paper experts at environmental non-profit organization Canopy, headquartered in Vancouver and Toronto, today launched an online survey to gather information to gauge North American market interest in papers made with fiber from agricultural residues.

"Until now, information about the market viability of non-wood paper has been anecdotal," Canopy Second Harvest Campaigner Neva Murtha said in a statement. "When done, we'll be able to translate demands for eco-paper into initiatives that help make straw papers a North American reality."

Last year's trial of "wheat-sheet" in an issue of Canadian Geographic showed that non-wood papers can meet the market's technical and quality requirements while also alleviating stresses on intact and endangered forests and the climate, according to Canopy.

"Diversifying North America's paper fiber basket to include agricultural residues rather than carbon- and species-rich forests is one such solution that could also help ensure a secure supply of fiber for domestic producers," Canopy stated in its survey announcement.

Canopy seeks to identify new and emerging opportunities for environmental paper development. The survey is expected to provide further information about the level of support for non-wood paper development, which Canopy calls "a key element in new pulping capacity being developed in the US and Canada."

Survey input will be confidential and used only in aggregate numbers, unless otherwise approved by participants. Data collection will mainly target such large paper consumers as publishers, printers and office-supply retailers. It will capture data such as demand tonnage, priority grades, and how participants would like to engage in further stages of non-wood paper development.

Newspapers interested in completing the survey can find it here.


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