China Daily Buys 3 Big Goss Universals

By: E&P Staff Mainland China's Guangzhou Daily is investing in three Goss Universal 75 presses. Each 75,000-copy-per-hour shaftless press will consist of seven four-high towers, three folders, and 10 reelstands.

Liang Hanhui, chairman of subsidiary company Qingyuan Jian Bei Group, cited satisfaction with Goss International's service since the purchase of Urbanite presses in the 1990s. The Universals' quality color reproduction, flexibility, and automation, he continued, will allow the company to pursue commercial and semi-commercial printing jobs. The Universals will enable the paper to increase its color capacity by 28 broadsheet pages.

With printing centers across China, including Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, the Guangzhou Daily has expanded into a multimedia company. Besides its flagship, the group owns 14 other publications, including some national titles.


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