Columnists' Group Agrees: Armstrong Williams Not a Journalist

By: Dave Astor A statement about Armstrong Williams was released this afternoon by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

"Armstrong Williams," said the statement, "has made the point that he never considered himself a journalist. Prior to the news of his education department contract, he did, however, portray one through his commentary in print and the electronic media."

But, the NSNC added, "his actions are obviously not those of a journalist. Therefore, we concur with Mr. Williams' belief that he is not one. And we suggest that any linkage between Mr. Williams and journalism does a disservice to both."

Also, another editorial cartoonist has commented about Williams -- bringing the number of syndicated artists doing that to at least five. Ann Telnaes drew Williams as a lap dog taking orders from the White House. "Sit!," he's told, and he sits. "Roll over!," he's told, and he rolls over. "Speak!," he's told, and he says: "I support the No Child Left Behind law."

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Telnaes is syndicated by Tribune Media Services, which terminated Williams' contract Friday after revelations that he accepted $240,000 from the Bush administration to promote No Child Left Behind on his TV and radio shows and that he mentioned NCLB at least four times last year in his column.


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