Comic's Cancer Story Line Will Lead to a Book

By: E&P Staff King Features Syndicate has revealed more details about the Wednesday-launched "Funky Winkerbean" story line in which the Lisa Moore character will deal with a worsening case of breast cancer.

The sequence, mentioned Tuesday in an E&P Online piece, is slated to run through October. During those six months, Lisa will undergo chemotherapy again, learn from doctors that her prospects aren't good, opt to stop chemo, struggle with how to tell her young daughter about her health situation, and decide to testify before Congress for more cancer-research funding.

Also, cartoonist Tom Batiuk will show how people around Lisa deal with the possibility of an unfortunate ending.

In October, the entire sequence will be published by Kent State University Press as a book titled "Lisa's Story: The Other Shoe."

Batiuk, who has had prostate cancer himself, said he hopes the story line will not only show how people deal with cancer, but also prompt readers to get checkups that could lead to early detection.

King syndicates "Funky Winkerbean" to more than 400 newspapers.


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