Connor Succeeds Retiring Zembko as ECRM Engineering VP

By: E&P Staff ECRM in Tewksbury, Mass., has announced that Engineering Vice President Mike Zembko is retiring, to be succeeded by Dave Connor.

Zembko joined ECRM with extensive experience in printing and publishing, having spent 16 years with Compugraphic, where he developed 35 products including typesetters, imagesetters, publishing systems, and workstations. He joined ECRM in 1989, continuing his product development, which included color scanners and proofers, color imagesetters, thermal aned violet platesetters.

Connor has been an engineering manager for more than 20 years, the last 14 at ECRM. For the past seven years he worked as Zembko's deputy manager engineering, specializing in product development, program management, and innovation in managing electrical, electronic, mechanical, and optical engineering projects. He also is the company's expert in electronic manufacturing and international regulatory compliance.

Before joining ECRM in 1987, Connor worked for Perception Technology (speech-response systems), Raytheon (RSL Signal Processing), and Laser Science (commercial laser systems).


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