Cross-media Content Management, Workflow Solution from ProImage

By: E&P Staff ProImage America is launching its MediaWay cross-media workflow solution.

The flexible browser-based content-management and editorial-workflow solution is designed as a "streamlined solution to create printed and/or Web pages in a collaborative, accessible environment," ProImage America Sales Vice President Rick Shafranek said in a statement. MediaWay provides increased control, even when content is used across several publications, avoids costs and conflicts associated with maintaining desktop applications, adapts to a variety of production environments, and can be personalized for each user.

Instead of being stored locally or in proprietary formats, all content is centrally managed and, if necessary continually tracked as source material, across several publications, providing more efficient data management, better process control, real-time collaboration and higher throughput for all Web and print documents.

MediaWay combines XML-based content management with extensive integration for print publications using Adobe InDesign for layout and ProImage NewsWay for pre-flight, proofing, color management and automation.


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