Daily Newspapers Continue to be Strong News Brands: 8 in 10 Canadians Ready Every Week

By: Press Release | NADbank Inc.

The results of the latest release indicate that Canadians are still avid readers of newspaper content. Between 50 – 60% of Canadians read newspaper content every day, with print continuing to be the primary source. For the first time, total weekly readership across all platforms in the million+ markets has topped 10 million. Approximately 80% of the population in all of the markets measured read a newspaper over the course of the week, in either a printed or digital format. Halifax and Winnipeg have the highest weekly readership, at 84% and 83% respectively, followed by Montreal at 80%. Digital readership continues to be strong, despite a number of the newspapers having instituted access via paid subscription. Weekly Digital reach ranges from 29% to 39%, with Halifax as the top digital readership market, followed by Winnipeg, Montreal and London. 

Detailed tables can be found on the NADbank website at www.nadbank.com in the Latest Study News section.


NADbank is pleased to announce the launch of a new web app in conjunction with the release of the 2012/13 mid-year data. The app provides users with a quick and easy way to obtain readership numbers for both the printed and the digital editions of Canadian newspapers in the markets measured. The data is broken down in a variety of ways, including Print-only, Digital-only, Both Print and Digital, Total Print Readership and Total Digital Readership. The functionality of the app also allows users to find out the demographics of readers for each of the readership statistics, including Gender, Age, Household Income, and Education.

The launch of the new app will showcase the latest newspaper readership numbers in 9 major markets across Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, London, and Halifax. Users will also be able to access the readership data from the Full Year 2012 Release, which covers 52 daily newspaper markets. "This new app will allow NADbank members and others to access the readership data like never before," says Anne Crassweller, President of NADbank. "Imagine sitting in a meeting or having a discussion over lunch and being able to pull up data with a few touches of your mobile device. Members have been looking for a quicker way to access our numbers, and this provides the perfect solution."
To access the free app, go to www.nadbank.com and follow the link on the home page.


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