DailyMe Offers Reader Recommendation Tech Tool

By: E&P Staff News destination site DailyMe.com is now offering a way to follow the tastes of readers with new embedded technology. DailyMe.com aggregates more than 5,000 news articles from 500 sources such as Newsday, The Dallas Morning News, and the San Jose Mercury News.

"Newstogram" technology can track reader behavior at a news Web site. The technology operates in the background, analyzing how people read. The data allows publishers to make personalized news recommendations based on each user's news interests.

"As information becomes more fragmented and disperse, users are finding it harder to connect with relevant content," Eduardo Hauser, DailyMe founder and former head of AOL Latin America, said in a statement. "DailyMe's experience in the field of content personalization is a significant asset now available to the news industry in general."

Newstogram will be offered for free to major news publishers while enhanced functions such as the use of data will require use of DailyMe's applications.


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