Detroit PBS CEO Rich Homberg's mission to redefine local media


Detroit Public Television, now rebranded as Detroit PBS, is making a notable return to the heart of the city, signifying a renewed dedication to serving its community with quality, trust, and fairness in media. In this exclusive interview with Rich Homberg, President & CEO of Detroit PBS, he reflects on his journey into public media and the organization's strategic shift towards strengthening local content. Homberg, whose background lies in commercial radio sales and news operations, shares insights into the evolving landscape of public media and the imperative for strong local journalism.

During his 20-minute interview with E&P Publisher Mike Blinder, Homberg emphasized, “We are producing more content than we've ever produced in our history. However, simultaneously, we use, engage, and pivot off of national content as much as any station in the system.” Homberg went on to state, “Our core values are posted on the wall: Diversity, Engagement, Trust, Innovation. This is the mindset inside our building that we install on a regular basis.” Homberg offered to share a recent PowerPoint slide deck with E&P that offers an overview of the operation’s business model.

With Detroit PBS's commitment to producing more content than ever before, Homberg discusses the organization's expansion efforts and its role as a hub for media production and community engagement. The forthcoming Detroit PBS campus, situated in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood, aims to foster collaboration and innovation while serving as a beacon for local journalism. “We're building a building that has capacity for 147, with an eye towards bringing partners. It'll have 120 parking spots, and it will be an engagement center. It'll be a place to come to. That's not aspirational. It's what we do.”

Reflecting on the challenges and opportunities in public media, Homberg champions the power of partnerships and collaboration. He cites examples of successful public television stations across the country, highlighting their innovative approaches to community engagement and content delivery. As Detroit PBS prepares for its next chapter in the heart of the city, Homberg remains optimistic about the organization's potential to make a significant impact, emphasizing the importance of embracing opportunities and working together towards a shared vision of excellence in media.



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