Digital First Ventures Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement With AdGlue

By: Press Release | Digital First Ventures

Digital First Ventures, the venture capital arm of Digital First Media, today announced a development partnership with contextual advertising startup AdGlue.  

AdGlue’s platform allows advertisers to “glue” their advertising message next to the content of their choice. Founded by Ben Ilfeld – owner and founder of The Sacramento Press, the community-focused online newspaper serving California’s capital city – AdGlue’s market deployment will be expanded through its agreement with DFV.  

“Digital First Venture’s partnership with AdGlue is a different perspective on the native advertising discussion. We envision the AdGlue platform serving small- and mid-sized businesses who understand the value of a highly engaged digital audience,” said John Paton, Chief Executive Officer of Digital First Ventures. “AdGlue also provides a platform for media companies to uncover additional revenue for long tail content that may otherwise be undervalued and under monetized.”  

“AdGlue aligns the interests of publishers, audiences and businesses for a healthier local media ecosystem. For the first time, we are giving the advertiser the ability to select precisely what content their advertising message will be placed next to,” said Mr. Ilfeld. “We’ve seen the engagement between the publisher and audience continue to grow. Advertising is a key component of that digital community as well. It’s time for businesses to engage with high quality content – expressing value while supporting important community dialogue.” 

AdGlue, which first launched on The Sacramento Press in April 2012, provides small business advertisers control of placement and distribution of their advertising.  

Advertisers glue ads with the click of a button without ever leaving the article. Advertisers experience the value of their advertising purchase first hand because their ad stays glued to that position for 30 days. The AdGlue platform provides campaign performance data through a user-friendly dashboard. And every component of the AdGlue system is built for mobile, including ad placement and the campaign dashboard.  

“AdGlue is a highly engaging advertising platform and their team understands that an engaged audience is vital to a successful advertising campaign. AdGlue allows small businesses to reach the audience in an efficient, engaging and effective way,” said Arturo Duran, Managing Director for Digital First Ventures. “AdGlue has been operating on a micro-level in Sacramento and this partnership will provide them with the opportunity to expand the AdGlue platform through our national network, continue to grow and validate their platform.”  


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