Doorfront Direct marks six years of growth


Doorfront Direct, the nation’s largest independent magazine and catalog delivery network, marks its six-year anniversary this week.

“When we began delivery operations seven years ago, we had five markets and two magazine titles,” said Randall Brant, executive director for Doorfront Direct, adding, “now we have nearly 70 markets, and we’re delivering 18 titles plus catalogs.”

As newspaper publishers seek to offset rising delivery costs, Doorfront Direct provides another stream to infuse volume and revenue onto carriers’ routes.

Brant noted that Doorfront Direct is the only national program that is growing both volume and rate for affiliates.

“We’ve just announced our delivery-rate increase for January, and we’ll continue raising rates to our affiliates as often as we can,” he added.

During Doorfront Direct’s six years of operation, affiliate newspapers and distributors have delivered more than 52 million publications through the network.

About Doorfront Direct:

Launched in December 2017, Doorfront Direct, through its affiliates, delivers national monthly magazines and catalogs in local markets across the country. 

For more information about Doorfront Direct:  Randall Brant, Executive Director, Doorfront Direct,


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