E Ink, Freescale at Work on eBook System-on-a-Chip

By: E&P Staff E Ink Corp., the developer of "electronic paper" display technology used in many eBooks, and Freescale Semiconductor, the Austin-Texas-based provider of eBook processors and other industrial- and consumer-electronics embedded processors, are collaborating on development of solutions to lower costs and foster innovation for eBooks.

The companies will jointly develop system-on-a-chip solutions integrating Freescale's i.MX processor technology with E Ink's Vizplex display controller. Announcing their collaboration, the companies said they expect their work also will "spark innovation for emerging product categories," including eNewspapers, tablet PCs, laptop secondary displays, and eNotebooks.

"Integrating E Ink's market-leading electronic paper display controller with i.MX processor technology will result in lower-cost, sleeker form factor eBooks," Freescale Consumer Segment Marketing Director Glen Burchers said in the announcement.

Johnson Lee, vice president of Prime View International, with which E Ink is expected to merge by December, said in a statement that "market demand for electronic paper displays has outpaced even the most optimistic market projections, with many new companies around the world entering the eBook reader market."


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