Elkhart Truth to Implement Libercus Digital-first Publishing System

By: Press Release | Elkhart Truth

The Elkhart Truth, based in Elkhart, Ind., will implement the Libercus multi-channel content management system developed by E. Viddal & Associates LLC of Tampa, Florida.   Libercus is a state-of-the-art publishing system that surpasses legacy systems designed for newspaper print editions in performance capabilities and flexibility.

Libercus provides seamless delivery of content to print, online, mobile device and e-Delivery channels, empowering publishers to build new sources of revenue while cutting overhead expenses.   “Libercus is the future of news publishing.  The Truth is moving from a legacy content management system to Libercus because it allows us to deliver news and information to all channels in the most rapid, efficient and effective manner possible,” said The Truth’s publisher, Brandon Erlacher. 

 “The news business is changing and the newsroom requires a content management and publishing system that moves as fast as the Internet,” said Greg Halling, editor of The Truth.  “Libercus enables us to convert content into more effective revenue and audience development strategies. We looked at many other options and Libercus provides the most reliable and efficient system for satisfying and leveraging our audience from all channels, including the web, print, and particularly mobile.”  

“Reliability is critical to our success.” Halling added. “Libercus provides the modern and reliable hosting architecture necessary to deliver local and breaking news in an extremely competitive environment.”  

Libercus runs in a standard Web browser and is designed specifically for operation within the cloud. It allows publishers to realize savings by eliminating the need for multiple publishing systems, improving workflow and reducing technical support requirements. Libercus opens the door to the next generation of advertising options necessary for publications to thrive in the digital revolution.


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