End is Near for Groundbreaking 'Where I'm Coming From'

By: Dave Astor Barbara Brandon-Croft, who made history in 1991 by becoming perhaps the first African-American woman to do a cartoon for a major syndicate, is ending her weekly feature.

"Tonight I'll be inking in the final 'Where I'm Coming From,'" Brandon-Croft told E&P this afternoon, adding that her client list had unfortunately dwindled to seven newspapers.

She did report that her distributor -- Universal Press Syndicate -- had offered her a development deal to come up with a new daily comic. "I'm still working on exactly what it'll be," said the cartoonist.

When asked for her thoughts about doing her groundbreaking feature, Brandon-Croft replied: "I have to say I'm proud to have made history with 'Where I'm Coming From.' It's incredible that for the past 14 years -- or more, including my time at the Detroit Free Press, where I started in 1989 -- I've been able to provide a
running social commentary on what it's like to be a black woman in America. Years from now, I hope it offers some historical value."


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