E&P Interactive Announces New Web Site Review Feature

By: Hoag Levins Starting this week, our "News Site of the Week" feature is being expanded to include a full review of each selected site. The feature itself can still be found in its normal spot on the News Page--the first week's review spotlights the Web site of the Telluride (Colorado) Daily Planet.

As growing numbers of news organizations involve themselves in Web publishing, it becomes increasingly important for editors and publishers to stay informed about what their competitors and fellow publishers are doing on the Internet; what new structural forms and strategies are being fielded; and, perhaps most importantly, what does or does not work for the end user.

Much of the general coverage of Web events focuses so tightly on cutting edge technical developments that we often lose sight of the fact that everything we do on the Internet has only one real purpose: to communicate effectively with our audience. And this consideration will be one of the touchstones of our Web site reviews.

While E&P Interactive has its own ways of searching the Web for news web sites of interest, we are also interested in hearing your suggestions for review candidates. We're looking for news Web sites that are particularly good or bad; Web sites that have particularly striking innovations; or Web sites that are just so damned interesting or different they make us all wish we had thought of that first.

We are also expanding the parameters of the review to cover ALL Web operations involved in the delivery of legitimate news. This includes newspaper Web sites as well as the new sorts of non-traditional Web news services that are rising up to compete with newspapers.


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