Ex-White House Press Secretaries Sound Off p.18

By: DOROTHY GIOBBE ASHINGTON OFFICIALS SHOULD leak less information to the media and newspapers should use fewer blind quotes, according to a former White House spokeswoman.
Dee Dee Myers, who served in the Clinton Administration for two years, also believes that the press "should be a little less tough on organizations that take reasonable steps to punish [chronic]
Myers objects to blind quotes mainly because "it's impossible for people other than the reporter to know the source of the story and, therefore, judge its credibility."
"And it's impossible for anyone other than the reporter to be able to hold the leaker accountable," she added.
Speaking at the Newspaper Association of America's annual convention in New York City this week, Myers characterized relations between the media and news makers as "sort of like a bad marriage."
"People are, in many ways, losing faith with the people who bring them the news," she said. "And the relationship between the news media and the news makers has broken down and whatever trust may have once existed, I think, has been greatly eroded."


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