Fake Bomb Delivered to 'Naples Daily News'

By: E&P Staff When Naples (Fla.) Daily News Editorial Page Editor Jeff Lytle opened an envelope Friday containing bound notes, articles and photos, an attached business card suggested he'd received a mail bomb.

With a "pull here" tab on one side and electrical circuitry on the other, the card bore the name of a person with whom there had been an earlier disagreement. "He felt he was entitled to an envelope full of civic information that we had compiled for someone else," Lytle told E&P.

Lytle took the card to a firehouse, where firefighters were evacuated and the police bomb squad called. When the squad "determined that it was not dangerous, they safely pulled the tab, which triggered the Blondie song 'Call Me' to start playing," the News reported.

It wasn't the sender's first such hoax, for which the local man has an arrest record, according to the county sheriff's office. He was arrested and held for making and delivering the fake bomb and for violating probation on a DUI conviction.


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