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By: Editorial Staff Parade magazine, for the first time, features cover photos
of the president and/or his wife three times in one year sp.

PARADE MAGAZINE DEC. 19 featured on its cover a smiling Bill and Hillary Clinton holding hands next to the White House Christmas tree.
Unprecedented for Parade, that was the third time in a year that a president and/or his wife have appeared on the cover.
April 11, Parade presented the first lady to its readers with the headline: "We Have to Think in New Ways." That was the first time Parade devoted an entire issue to a single individual, said Walter Anderson, Parade editor.
Then July 4, as it did with John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, the magazine introduced the new president on its Independence Day cover with the words: "What Today Means to Me."
Although Hillary Clinton had been most accommodating to Parade writer Dotson Rader for the articles that were to be published April 11, she had to be convinced by her press secretary, Lisa Caputo, about the need for her to sit for a photo by Eddie Adams.
Adams, who won a Pulitzer Prize for photography for his Associated Press photos from Vietnam, is a special correspondent at Parade.
Adams first met Hillary Clinton during the 1992 campaign while on assignment to photograph Bill Clinton for the cover of Newsweek magazine. At that time, he tried to get her to pose with the president, but she declined.
Adams reportedly persisted, at one point pulling out photos of his 3-year-old son, saying, "The kid has to eat." But she was steadfast.
When contacted to pose for the April 11 cover, the new first lady remembered her previous conversation with Adams. After rescheduling three times, she apologized and posed for the cover photo.
Adams arrived at the White House May 21 to photograph the president for the July 4 cover and was greeted warmly despite the travel office controversy and the uproar about the president's airport haircut that were dominating newspaper headlines at the time.
Adams recalled that 15 years ago, he had sent Clinton, then attorney general of Arkansas, a complimentary copy of a photo he had taken of an Arkansas couple, the Barnetts, who had been married for 79 years. The article and photos of the couple were published in the Arkansas Democrat.
When Adams arrived to photograph the Clintons for the Dec. 19 cover, the president asked Adams if he would get another print of the Barnetts to hang in the Oval Office.
? (Parade magazine's three presidential family covers) [Photo & Caption]


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