Former Tribune-Review VP Carroll Quinn's infectious attitude inspired family and business partners


The charisma and upbeat attitude Carroll Quinn embodied served him well in managing what can be a tough part of the newspaper industry: circulation.

Retired Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Tribune-Review General Manager Art McMullen said Quinn’s personality was a good fit in the role of vice president of circulation and production, ensuring newspapers reached thousands of homes and dealing with customer complaints when something went awry. But Quinn had a way of smoothing things over and making everything right.

“I think he could overcome that by his outgoing personality,” McMullen said. “He didn’t let those things drag him down.”

The same could be said for much of Quinn’s life.

He was always taking his family on a memorable vacation or telling a joke. Work was a source of pride for him, but so was letting loose and having fun, according to his family.

Quinn, of Pittsburgh, died Friday, Sept. 2, at UPMC Presbyterian hospital. He was 66.

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