FRIDAY'S LINKS: Army Regulations Lump Journos With Terrorists, Murdoch Insists He Wouldn't Meddle, Halberstam

By: E&P Staff In today's links, more reaction to the idea of Rupert Murdoch taking over Dow Jones (including a New York Times interview with the man himself), Paul McLeary thinks the Army's new regulations are lumping journalists in the same category as Osama bin Laden, and the Economist looks back on the career of David Halberstam.


-- CJR Daily: The Army has figuratively and literally put the media in the same box as Al Qaeda, warlords, and drug cartels, writes Paul McLeary.

-- American Journalism Review: Rupert Murdoch's bold ploy to acquire Dow Jones and its flagship Wall Street Journal couldn't be more unwelcome news, writes Rem Rieder.

-- Marketwatch: Buffett unlikely to bid for Dow Jones, investors say.

-- New York Times: Murdoch insists he won't meddle in the journalism or slash-and-burn the staff.

-- BusinessWeek: Murdoch's bid for Dow Jones may seem foolishly pricey, but he's got his reasons.

-- Los Angeles Times: Dow Jones staff is urged to show support for the Bancroft family in the face of Murdoch's takeover bid.

-- Economist: Is Murdoch's bid for Dow Jones just about vanity?

-- Economist: Young journalists, David Halberstam said, should be like him: curious, ethical and honest, fortified with "inner toughness," fearlessly out to change society.


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