GALLUP: Approval Ratings for Congress Even Lower Than the President's

By: E&P Staff After a surge of support earlier in the year after the Democrats took control, public approval of the job Congress is doing has slid again, and now stands even lower than President Bush's weak 33%.

A Gallup poll released today pegged the approval rating for Congress at 29%. This is down from last month's 33% and well below the year's high of 37%.

Of course, more Democrats than Republican give a thumb's up but even there only 37% of Democrats approve of the job Congress is doing right now. That's down 6% since last month.

This may reflect some unhappiness with the Democrats' inability to take strong action against the Iraq war.

Meanwhile, Republicans' approval of Congress has gradually declined, from a high of 37% in mid-January to 25% in the latest poll.


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