Gallup Poll Reveals Reagan Now the People's Choice

By: E&P Staff A new Gallup Poll, released today, finds that Ronald Reagan is now the people's choice for America's greatest president ever. Bill Clinton comes in second.

While this finding may suggest that many Americans favor only recent presidents, it does represent a strong rise for Reagan since his recent passing. The previous Gallup survey on this subject placed Reagan behind co-leaders Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

In another interesting finding, Gallup found that mothers don't want their babies to grow up to be cowboys -- or presidents. Men by a 52%-46% margin said they would like their son or daughter to ?grow up to be president," but women say no by 67% to 29%.

In this new poll on greatest president, Reagan drew 20% support, followed by Clinton with 15%, Lincoln with 14%, and Franklin D. Roosevelt and JFK with 12% each.

Republicans rate Reagan over Lincoln 42% to 14%, while Democrats put Clinton far in the lead over FDR. Independents favor Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy.

By age group, Clinton is favored by the youngest (18-29), Reagan by the 30-49 group, Kennedy by the 50-64 baby boomers, and FDR by the elderly.


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