Google worker says the company is 'silencing our voices' after dozens are fired

The tech giant fired 28 employees who took part in a protest over the company's Project Nimbus contract with the Israeli government. One fired worker tells her story.


The first time Zelda Montes heard about Google's Project Nimbus was about six months ago, even though she worked at the company since 2022. The project is a $1.2 billion contract to supply Israel with cloud computing services.

As someone who's opposed to the war in Gaza, Montes says she was shocked. This comes at a time when tension over the Israeli conflict is simmering across the country.

"I think that speaks volumes to just how little people at work actually know about this contract," Montes says, who worked as a software engineer at YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Montes immediately joined a Google employee group called No Tech for Apartheid, which had been organizing around Project Nimbus since 2021. Their goal is for Google to drop its contract with the Israeli government. She says the group has raised its concerns with Google's leadership, spoke in company town halls and set up tables in Google's offices with fliers about Project Nimbus.

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