Gordon Borrell Is (Finally) Bullish on Newspapers


It’s true that over the years, we have seen the Borrell Associates’ Advertiser Research Studies show a downward trend in local advertiser spending for printed newspapers. But today, Borrell Associates CEO Gordon Borrell feels that those same newspaper companies are now in the right position to gain larger shares of local digital dollars as those advertisers look to shift their expenditures to those companies with the right solutions. According to Borrell’s latest newspaper study, most local ad directors feel they are poised for significant growth over the next year. It’s all part of a new study being performed by Borrell Associates and America’s Newspapers to help the industry find the best growth opportunities in 2021.

In this segment of "E&P REPORTS," Publisher Mike Blinder goes one-on-one with Borrell on initial findings and what opportunities are available now for garnering new ad dollars.

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