Greenspun Media Group Introduces on Feb. 9 'The Sunday'

By: Press Release | Greenspun Media Group

On Feb. 9, the Greenspun Media Group will launch a groundbreaking, new, print product – THE SUNDAY, a free weekly news publication serving the Las Vegas metropolitan area.  

Thought provoking, informative, graphically rich, lively and fun, THE SUNDAY will give readers a diverse mix that describes the story behind the story, provides the context of events and includes engaging features ranging from personality profiles to lifestyle stories.

In addition, the state's finest business publication, VEGAS INC will move inside THE SUNDAY to provide the most fascinating and insightful business coverage in the region.  

All of this is backed by Nevada's most respected and award-winning news organization, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists of the Greenspun Media Group.  

Each week, 65,000 copies of THE SUNDAY will be available for free at more than 1,500 locations across the valley.  

"Our vision is to create a definitive metropolitan weekly news publication backed by Nevada’s best 24/7 web sites for daily and breaking news," said Brian Greenspun, editor and publisher of the Greenspun Media Group. "For a large segment of the audience the web is the go-to source for up-to-the-minute news and now THE SUNDAY, in print, will provide a weekend destination that allows a deeper dive into the topics readers care about. We intend to provide the profound as well as the playful, all the while being an essential guide to life in Las Vegas. Imagine a Time or Newsweek, but entirely focused on local topics."  

"THE SUNDAY adds a critical missing piece in the media equation," Greenspun added. "THE SUNDAY and VEGAS INC -  combined with our web sites -- will be how a large portion of our audience, today and in the future, will get its information. Meanwhile, ourLAS VEGAS WEEKLY - the most read and best entertainment publication in the market - will satisfy local readers’ arts and entertainment needs on Thursdays. For that portion of the audience that continues to rely on daily print, we've got the LAS VEGAS SUN every day. And finally, to reach the tourist market, LAS VEGAS MAGAZINE and VEGAS2GO are unrivaled."  

“Each week, THE SUNDAY will feature news, sports, an inventive new approach to editorials and lifestyle stories and innovative new features such as the Five Minute Expert which will tell complicated stories in a brand new way,” said Delen Goldberg, editor of THE SUNDAY. “There will be something here for all readers and all ages,” Goldberg added.  

Meanwhile, VEGAS INC’S award-winning business coverage will continue as before - only now with substantially larger circulation, Goldberg said.  

THE SUNDAY’S publisher, Travis Keys, notes that all the content will be local. "This is our home," Keys said, "And home is what you'll find in THE SUNDAY.”   

Greenspun explained that THE SUNDAY is the brainchild of Robert Cauthorn, who was brought to the Greenspun Media Group several years ago to lead its turnaround. "I wanted Bob here because he is a highly regarded innovator in the industry and one of the most visionary and focused executives I've ever met," Greenspun added. "Together, we’ve been refining this concept since the day he arrived. In 2013, we delivered our most profitable year in a long time and it was obvious that now is the time to take the next step and launch THE SUNDAY."  

"The interplay between digital-delivery of the daily news coupled with an inventive approach to news weekly in print for the weekends is exciting," Cauthorn said. "This is about how we live now and how we consume information now. We can take this in a lot of directions and will be able to deliver to readers and advertisers things they've never seen before."  

Greenspun said Las Vegas deserves praise for being so willing to embrace new ideas. "Innovation and reinvention are part of the soul of Southern Nevada.” he explained. “And I'm grateful my family, from our base in Henderson, has been part of that for decades. With this new step, we're taking local media in a brand new direction and creating a model unique in the nation. I'm proud of our company for being able to do something like this, and proud of this community for embracing bold steps."  

THE SUNDAY is the latest media product published by Greenspun Media Group. The weekly news publication is an exciting, forward-thinking product. THE SUNDAY offers in-depth interviews, human interest profiles, eye-popping infographics, behind-the-scenes photos, informative features and more. This dynamic product covers an array of topics vital to the lives of people living in Southern Nevada.  

For more information about THE SUNDAY, visit and  

About Greenspun Media Group
Greenspun Media Group (GMG) is managed by The Greenspun Corporation, which is based in Henderson, Nevada. For more than 60 years, GMG has been publishing in Nevada. GMG publishes the Pulitzer Prize winning LAS VEGAS SUN newspaper, LAS VEGAS WEEKLY, LAS VEGAS MAGAZINE, VEGAS2GO and its latest weekly product, THE SUNDAY (February 2014). The company produces four local websites,,, and GMG is owned by the Greenspun family, which also owns Sun Media Productions and tourism websites and  

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