Group Formed to Promote Education on First Amendment

By: E&P Staff Three months ago the Knight Foundation released a study that found an astounding 49 percent of high school students thought newspapers should not be able to publish stories without government approval.

The Knight Foundation says the study got widespread media coverage, including stories in more than 400 newspapers with a combined circulation of 30 million. It was even mentioned on the March 13 episode of the ABC drama "Boston Legal."

But does coverage amount to progress? According to the Knight Foundation, there could yet be hope.

A group of 75 educators, journalists, and students have agreed to form a steering committee that will promote the First Amendment in curriculums and regional student journalism conferences.

The Bill of Rights Institute is assembling a package with a book and teaching materials for 22,000 social studies teachers.

And the Knight Foundation has launched a Web site promoting journalism classes and programs, along with better civics education, at


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