Hearst adds role of reporter to his duties p.

By: M.L. Stein San Francisco Examiner editor and publisher embarks on a series of occasional interviews with usually inaccessible people sp.

WILL HEARST, EDITOR and publisher of the San Francisco Examiner, has added one more role to his duties: reporter.
He has embarked on a series of occasional "conversations" with prominent figures in the news that have been published on the front page or in the business section.
Hearst scored big on his first try, interviewing President Clinton as the two drove in the president's car on its way to Air Force One at San Francisco International Airport.
Clinton had been in town to address the AFL-CIO convention and announce incentives to promote job growth in California.
The exclusive interview, which took place while Clinton munched on a banana that he took from a bag that he described as "Mother Clinton's food basket," wound up as a front-page story headed "A Chat with Bill Clinton." After a few introductory paragraphs, the format went into questions and answers.
Clinton proved to be a prophet on the North American Free Trade Agreement, telling Hearst, "I have to believe in the end we will prevail."
Asked where he gets information on a regular basis, Clinton said he reads clippings from "four, five, six newspapers a day."
Often, he continued, "I'll have 10 memos going to staff members as a result of what I read in the papers."
Hearst also has interviewed Peter Magowan, the former CEO of Safeway stores who with a group of partners bought the San Francisco Giants baseball team, and Charles Schwab, president of Charles Schwab & Co., one of the nation's biggest discount brokers.
An Examiner spokeswoman said Hearst tries to obtain interviews with people who are "not readily accessible" to the media.


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