How Futurist on E&P's 100th Anniversary Imagined Newspapers in 2084 -- Much Like Today's

By: E&P Staff For its 100th anniversary issue in 1984, Editor & Publisher asked the famed industry researcher Leo Bogart to imagine what newspapers would look like in another hundred years. Poynter Institute librarian David Shedden dug up a copy of the issue when The Nielsen Co. announced E&P's closing, and on Friday the institute's media business analyst Rick Edmonds posted a column on his blog that noted how many of Bogart's predictions have effectively already come true.

People would wear "wrist-watch picturephones" that seem an awful lot like iPhones with a wristband, and they would watch moving pictures transmitted by telecommunications to "lap boards" that presage the coming new generation of tablet e-readers.

"The functions of all existing media will be transformed by the development of artificial intelligence, of two-way interactive linkages, and of ready access to vast amounts of stored information and entertainment," Bogart wrote. "Not only will individuals be able to get what they want when they want it, but advertisers will be readily able to identify the individuals or households at whom they want to aim their messages."

The entire Edmonds column is here, and includes a link to all 12 of Bogart's predictions for E&P.


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