How Publishing Good News in Central Arizona Is Growing Audience and Revenue


Talking Glass Media (TGM) recently celebrated 6 million page views on its flagship “good news” website, launched in March 2018 by Brad Fain, CEO of its parent company: Fain Signature Group, a multi-generational land holdings and real estate group based in Prescott Valley, Arizona. 

Today, TGM publishes two regional magazines, the area’s premier recreational guide, broadcasts podcasts and videos, and offers outdoor digital display marketing along with a complete suite of digital services for local businesses. TGM’s Executive Editor Guy Roginson’s background is not from the business's legacy media side. He was brought in from an advertising agency to build TGM by “bringing together highly motivated professionals, dynamic content, the latest technologies and regional assets to deliver essential information, events, entertainment and news to a place once aptly named Lonesome Valley,” as stated on their website.

In this edition of “E&P REPORTS,” Publisher Mike Blinder discusses with Roginson how TGM operates and its vision for maintaining growth in both readership and revenue.

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