How the extraordinary FBI search of Mar-a-Lago was covered across the media landscape


Reporters who cover sensitive beats sometimes have a sense when big news is about to break. But not this time. The FBI's Monday morning search of Mar-a-Lago — a thunderclap in American political history — happened so quietly, so secretly, that it wasn't caught on camera at all. For the most part reporters didn't catch wind of the FBI action until after it was over. By the time local TV news cameras showed up outside the club, there was almost nothing to see. Websites used file photos of the Florida resort since there were no dramatic shots of the search.

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  • BenMyers

    The NYT and other media gave too much voice to Trump in covering the FBI visit to Mar-a-Lago, especially the NYT in its page one above the fold headline in the August 9 print edition. Instead, they simply should have reported the facts. A federal judge approved the search warrant based on probably cause. A contingent of FBI agents did the search to get done promptly. FBI agents opened a safe on the premises. The DOJ used a search warrant rather than a subpoena or a simple written request because it was certain that Trump would refuse the other methods of getting the information.

    This is not rocket science! Why give Trump any headlines? Describe his words and behavior at the end of the article. This sort of coverage is exactly what helped Trump ascend to power in 2016. Do we want a repeat? Other media, print and on-line committed the same gaffe.

    Tuesday, August 9 Report this

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