How the Local Journalism Sustainability Act Can Provide Tax Credits for Advertisers, Subscribers and Our Newsroom Salaries.


The Local Journalism Sustainability (LJS) Act is a bi-partisan bill that would provide tax credits to support subscriptions, advertising and journalists' salaries for the news industry. Introduced in Congress on July 16 by Arizona Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and Washington state Republican Rep. Dan Newhouse, the bill was the “brainchild” of Francis Wick, CEO of Wick Communications who began championing in March when he saw the effects the COVID-19 pandemic was having on the news industry's revenues. Currently, industry trade organizations, with more than 30 congressional leaders, have pledged support for the LJS Act in hopes that it can be fast-tracked through Congress in the very near future.

Mike Blinder, publisher E&P Magazine, goes one-on-one with Francis Wick to learn how the LSJ Act got started, where it is today and what is needed in order to get it passed.

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