Huffington: Idea to Syndicate 'Post' Content Came from TMS Execs

By: Dave Astor When Arianna Huffington called Tribune Media Services to tell executives there she'd still be able to write her syndicated column despite all the time she's devoting to her new group blog, a new TMS feature was born.

"They came back with the idea to syndicate the best of the blog to newspapers," Huffington told E&P in a phone interview today.

The blog, known as the "Huffington Post," is slated to launch May 9. It will include occasional or frequent contributions from about 300 prominent people, including Warren Beatty, Jon Corzine, Walter Cronkite, Larry David, Nora Ephron, James Fallows, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Hart, Vernon Jordan, Diane Keaton, Norman Mailer, David Mamet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Arthur Schlesinger, and Mort Zuckerman.

Excerpts from the blog will be syndicated each day by TMS, which will introduce the package on a yet-to-be-determined date soon after May 9. Huffington said it's also possible that newspapers with the time and resources would be able to individually select what to publish from the blog.

Huffington emphasized that the blog's content will not only be about politics, but also about culture, entertainment, and more -- meaning newspapers can use "Huffington Post" material in other sections beyond the Op-Ed pages.

Will the editing process for the syndicated version of "Huffington Post" significantly tone down the often-freewheeling nature of blog content? "No," she replied. "We're going to keep the freshness and conversational nature."

Huffington also isn't worried about finding the time to juggle the blog, her column, and more. "I love my work, and I work around the clock," she said. The author of 10 books did note that she has decided not to write an 11th for the time being.

Will the blog directly or indirectly affect the content of the syndicated column Huffington has written since the mid-1990s? "I don't foresee it," she said. "But this is a wild adventure. Ask me again in three months!"


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