Improving privacy for journalists: INN collaborates with DeleteMe


As political polarization has increased, so has doxxing — the practice of exposing personal information as a means of intimidation. Journalists are facing this threat every day, and it is more important than ever to protect their privacy. To counter this trend, INN is teaming up with DeleteMe, funded by Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative, to help decrease the amount of personal information about journalists that can be discovered online. The collaboration will help protect local journalists from threats during a critical election year and ensure they can provide high quality information to local communities. 

Doxxing occurs when malicious individuals share the personal information of journalists, such as phone numbers or home addresses, with the public. This makes journalists and the organizations they serve an easy target for abuses ranging from identity theft, harassment, robocalls, and spam texts. Coupled with threats, tampering, and cyberattacks, the need for better online privacy is more pressing than ever.

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