Interim Release Available for AdsML Framework 3.5

By: E&P Staff AdsML Framework 3.5, Release 1, an interim release, contains new features available for public review and comment. Additions include support for interactive advertising across the complete business chain, from rate card to invoicing and proof of publication, as well as the completely new AdsML Media Pack specification supporting media rate cards. There are also smaller improvements, especially in AdsML Bookings and AdsML Proof of Publication.

"Proposed" specifications in this release are believed to be stable but may change based on user feedback. Organizations wishing to benefit from the features contained in this release, and willing to accommodate minor changes that may occur before approval, are encouraged to begin working with it.

"Being a truly cross-media standard was one of our objectives from the start, but first we had to build the infrastructure and ensure that the print workflow was properly supported," WAN-IFRA Research Manager Harald Loeffler said in a statement. "Now, AdsML is ready for the online world as well."

K?rkimedia, a media broker owned by 34 Finnish newspapers and offering a nationwide intermedia solution for major advertisers, will offer next year the electronic media rate card for media agencies for their system update, based on the AdsML rate card. "Without the AdsML Framework, our work would have been much harder and also more expensive," K?rkimedia Production Manager Tapani Huovinen said.

The AdsML Framework for E-Commerce Business Standards for Advertising is the first international data-exchange standard for managing electronic information transfer throughout the advertising industry, for all distribution channels. Supported by WAN-IFRA, an international association for newspaper and media publishing, and the Newspaper Association of America the AdsML Consortium aims to develop an open standard that will unify and extend existing advertising standards and automate advertising business processes.


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