Irene Noguchi joins The New York Times as executive producer of Opinion Audio


It’s been just 18 months since Opinion brought its audio operations in-house, and there’s no doubt that we’ve built a formidable team. We’re now producing a podcast episode every weekday. We’ve seen impressive audience growth. We’ve made news. And we’re about to launch a first-of-its-kind first-person show.

We’re excited now to announce the next leader of Opinion Audio: Irene Noguchi, who will join as its executive producer in early December.

Irene will lead the dynamic programming that includes “Sway,” “The Ezra Klein Show,” “The Argument” and the exciting new podcast hosted by Lulu Garcia-Navarro that will launch in early 2022. Irene brings a rich background of public radio, digital media, and experience covering daily news and launching new podcasts.

Irene is currently the head of audio at Politico, where she oversees the company’s podcasts and smart speaker content covering politics and policy. With no shortage of adrenaline during the 2020 election and the start of Covid, Irene launched the company’s daily news podcast “Dispatch,” weekly politics show “Playbook Deep Dive” and interview program “Global Insider.” Prior to that, she co-launched Vox’s playful and popular daily news podcast “Today, Explained,” and led the team as its executive producer. She has been very fortunate to have worked with amazing teams in her career so far.

Irene takes great pride in her public radio background, and produced live news programming and call-in shows at NPR stations in San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas for a decade. In a past life, she was a lawyer and will always, always read the fine print.

We also want to thank Alison Bruzek for her excellent stewardship leading Opinion Audio during our search to replace Paula.

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Irene.


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