Jeff Gannon Returns to the Briefing Room! In Spirit, at Least

By: E&P Staff While it's doubtful that former GOPUSA/Talon News reporter James Guckert, better known as Jeff Gannon, will be getting a day pass to attend White House briefings any time soon, he's doing the next best thing: attending them in spirit.

On his revived Web site,, he has introduced a new feature, called "Today's Briefing Question." From the first entries, it is apparent that he still has a major league rightfielder's arm and can throw a softball with the best of them.

He introduces the feature this way: "While I am on hiatus from the White House briefing room, I'm going to post the question I would have asked had I been there. It will be interesting to see if anyone else asks it."

Here's today's Gannon/Guckert "ghost in the briefing room" question:

"Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan told members of Congress on Wednesday that the U.S. economy is growing at a "reasonably good pace" and recommended that budget deficits be fixed through spending cuts instead of tax increases. Does the White House consider this an endorsement of its fiscal policies as opposed to Democrats who still want to roll back the Bush tax cuts?"

While we await word on whether an actual reporter raises this question today, here's the Gannon/Guckert query from yesterday, which he notes was not asked, though the thrust has gotten a fair amount of ink elsewhere:

"West Virginia Democratic Senator Robert Byrd took to the Senate floor Tuesday and likened Republicans' efforts to get an up or down vote for the President's judicial nominees to the fascism of Nazi Germany. Would you comment on those remarks?"


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