Jeff Keane Elected President of National Cartoonists Society

By: E&P Staff "The Family Circus" co-cartoonist Jeff Keane has been elected 2007-2009 president of the National Cartoonists Society.

He does "The Family Circus" with his father, Bil Keane, who created the King Features Syndicate comic in 1960. Jeff succeeds Rick Stromoski ("Soup to Nutz"/United Media) at the NCS helm.

Other 2007-2009 officers for the 61-year-old organization include first vice president Greg Evans ("Luann"/United), second vice president Bill Amend ("FoxTrot"/Universal Press Syndicate), and third vice president Hilary Price ("Rhymes With Orange"/King).

Also, there's membership chair Dave Coverly ("Speed Bump"/Creators Syndicate), treasurer Bill Hinds ("Cleats"/co-creator "Tank McNamara"/Universal), secretary Rick Kirkman (co-creator "Baby Blues"/King), and national representative Mike Lynch (freelance cartoonist for clients such as The Wall Street Journal).


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