Jeffrey Koterba Hosts Cartoon Contest Promo for New Book

By: E&P Staff Jeffrey Koterba's book "Inklings" will be released Nov. 3, but the nationally syndicated political cartoonist will be giving away five signed copies this week as part of a cartoon contest.

On Sunday, Koterba announced what he has dubbed ?The Great Cartoon Countdown? on his blog. He is asking readers to draw their own cartoon centered on the themes of creativity, space travel, or music, all of which play an important role in his new book.

Starting on Thursday, Koterba will give away a signed copy of ?Inklings? for five straight days, and at the end of the contest he will select an entry at random to win the grand prize: a signed copy of the book, all three CDs from Prairie Cats, Koterba?s band, and an original cartoon. The cartoon can be either a published political cartoon drawn by Koterba or a new caricature.

Koterba emphasizes that the contest is not based on cartoon?s technical execution, but on ?[the] idea, [the] passion, [the] creative approach,? according to his blog. He also points out in his post that ?although not required, working in the title of my book certainly won?t hurt your chances one bit.?

Judging the entries are Glenn McCoy and Gary McCoy, a brother team of editorial cartoonists who illustrate the syndicated comic ?The Flying McCoys.? Glenn McCoy is also the creator of the syndicated comic strip ?The Duplex.?

All entries can be sent to, and a full list of rules can be found on Koterba?s Web site, here.


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