JFK Signed Copy of 'Dallas Morning News' Sells at Auction

By: A gray fedora worn by Jack Ruby when he shot Lee Harvey Oswald has sold for $53,775 at an auction of items linked to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Doug Norwine of Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas says Ruby's signature fedora invited spirited bidding.

The shackles that Ruby wore when he lay dying at Parkland Memorial Hospital sold for $11,054 and an X-ray of Ruby's head garnered $776.

Another hot commodity was the front page of The Dallas Morning News that Kennedy had signed for a maid at a Fort Worth hotel on the morning of his death.

The paper -- worth a nickel when it came off the presses in 1963 -- sold for $38,837.

The auction house said a rocking chair given to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. by his editor, Hermine Isaacs Popper, sold for $8,365.


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