John McCain Writes Intro to 'Doonesbury' Book

By: E&P Staff Most Republicans aren't fans of "Doonesbury," but that didn't stop Sen. John McCain from agreeing to write the foreword for Garry Trudeau's upcoming book.

"The Long Road Home: One Step at a Time," scheduled for May release, focuses on B.D. and his struggle to recover after losing a leg in Iraq.

McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, wrote (in part): "In this book, Garry Trudeau tells the story of B.D. -- and of Fisher House -- and he does it very, very well. Biting but never cynical, and often wickedly funny, these comic strips will make you laugh, reflect, and -- in the end -- understand. Like B.D., the thousands of soldiers who have left their health or their limbs on the battlefield have done so in the service of all of us. These brave men and women astonish us all with their spirit. In sacrificing themselves, they sacrifice for us."

The advance and all royalties from Trudeau's book will go to the Fisher House Foundation, which provides "comfort homes" on the grounds of major military and veterans' medical centers so that relatives can be close to injured soldiers.

"Doonesbury" appears in 1,400 newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate.


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