Johnson Brings Back a City's Newspaper


Alec Johnson is the fourth generation to manage Johnson Newspaper Corporation, owners of the Watertown Daily Times, a newspaper serving New York's North Country region since 1861. Today the Johnson family's media company has five daily publications, several weeklies, and magazines. They have a solid commitment to multimedia with a company-wide website,, that serves the entire region with news and classifieds.

In 2019, Johnson made the difficult decision to shutter the Ogdensburg Journal, one their publications that dated back to 1858, serving a city of 10,000+ residents along the St. Lawrence River. However, starting in June, the paper will begin to print again.

In this segment of ‘E&P REPORTS' Publisher Mike Blinder discusses with President & COO Alec Johnson why the company decided to bring back the Journal and their strong commitment to printing a quality product in a growing digital world.

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  • enigma58

    I am not surprised that a newspaper publishing group would see the economic value in returning to print, but I am pleasantly surprised that the group's leadership would admit to it. The simple fact is that there is a business model for online media and a business model for print media, with neither supplanting the other. Commenting as someone who has an MBA in Finance, MS in Accounting and decades of experience in the financial operations of the press, I can say with certainty that the only reason print newspapers are failing is because print newspaper publishers have lost confidence in them...but, as the saying goes, "You can't teach a cat to sing." So, although a few, like Johnson, will see the light, newspapers will continue to close and media pundits will continue to blame the internet.

    Wednesday, May 12, 2021 Report this