KBA Coloras, Commander for 3 German Plants

By: E&P Staff Zeitungsverlag Oberbayern GmbH & Co. KG, representing two locations, in Munich and Wolfratshausen, and Zeitungsdruck Dierichs GmbH & Co. KG, in Kassel, ordered eight Colora presses and one Commander from Koenig & Bauer of Wurzburg, Germany. The orders call for automatic ink supplies, color register control, and production planning and presetting systems.

Three Coloras to be delivered to Munich this summer will contribute to production of the Munchner Merkur, tz, supplements, advertising journals, and newspapers for municipal facilities and political institutions. At the same time, a Commander erected in Munich in 2001 will be retrofitted with color register controls, and the superstructure of one folder will be expanded with two formers in balloon arrangement.

Two Coloras for Wolfratshausen are slated to go on line in early and mid-2006. The plant prints numerous local editions of the Munchner Merkur and other titles.

Three Coloras for Zeitungsdruck Dierichs will be shipped to Kassel in mid-2006. Among other titles, they will take over printing of the 230,000-circulation Hessische/Niedersachsische Allgemeine. The Commander also ordered for Kassel will print part editions of BILD from autumn 2006.

The five Coloras for Munich and Wolfratshausen will have a 1,000-mm cylinder circumference and 1,400-mm maximum web width (which may later be reduced to 1260 or 1200 mm). The Coloras for Kassel are for Berliner format (cylinder circumference 940 mm, maximum web width 1260 mm). Each Colora section, comprising two KBA Pastostar RC reelstands, two four-high towers, a KF 3 jaw folder, and two EAE control consoles, is rated at 37,500 full-color 32-page broadsheet copies per hour.

The Commander can print 42,500 full-color 48-page newspapers per hour with 570-mm cut-off and 1600-mm maximum web width. The contract includes,three KBA Pastomat RC reelstands, three nine-cylinder satellite towers, a KF 5 jaw folder, and two EAE control consoles.


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