Kramer and her colleagues: A mutual admiration p. 13

By: Dorothy Giobbe MARCIA KRAMER SAYS she learned a lot from the journalists she has worked with over the years. But she cites a few as particularly influential.
Legendary New York Daily News editorial writer Reuben Maury left a lasting impression on her, even though they worked together many years ago.
While Kramer holds several of her colleagues in high esteem, the feeling is clearly mutual.
Jack Newfield, investigative reporter, the New York Post: "I once had to introduce her and I said that Marcia Kramer is like Mike Tyson in a red dress. She correctly took it as a high complement, indeed. She attacks stories the way Tyson attacks opponents. She is intense, relentless, and tough."
Arthur Browne, managing editor, the New York Daily News: "We worked together during a rather challenging and also fun time. Marcia developed into an extremely capable and tenacious reporter who was perfectly suited to covering New York City on a hard-driving newspaper."
Jerry Schmetterer, deputy editor, the Daily News: "Marcia was like a bulldog about getting a story. Once she got a tip or some information, there was no stopping her. I think she is one of the best reporters ever in New York City."
Matt Storin, editor, the Boston Globe: "There was a time when she owned city hall. It seemed like nothing of particular note would come out without being under her byline."
Adam Nagourney, former White House correspondent for USA Today: "She put the Daily News on the map in Albany. The Carey administration had a habit of leaking stuff to the New York Times. She broke that pattern out of sheer force. She scared the shit out of the Cuomo people."
Kevin McCoy, deputy city editor, Daily News: "Whatever it took to get the story done, Marcia would do. She put in the time, the hours, without a thought."
Stuart Marques, metro editor, New York Post: "Marcia has great instincts. She can smell a story a mile away, before most people even know it's there. She has a knack for going after the jugular."


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