KRT Drolly Observes: Women Can Write

By: E&P Staff The debate about the relatively small number of female columnists was wryly addressed in today's e-mail advisory from Knight Ridder/Tribune Information Services.

"It has come to KRT's attention that some news organizations have just discovered that women have minds ... and can write, too. Good for them -- better late than never," said the advisory, which went on to mention a number of women in KRT's package.

They include Pulitzer Prize-winning commentator E.R. Shipp of the New York Daily News; Trudy Rubin, Jane Eisner, and Karen Heller of The Philadelphia Inquirer; Jill Porter and Carol Towarnicky of The Philadelphia Daily News; Jill "J.R." Labbe and Linda Campbell of the Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram; Mary Sanchez and Rhonda Chriss Lokeman of The Kansas City (Mo.) Star; Myriam Marquez of the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel; Bronwyn Lance Chester of The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk; and Susanna Rodell of the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette.

The advisory concluded: "And these, as Sgt. Josephine Friday might say, are just the facts, ma'am."


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