Latest From McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers: A Glass Man Needed -- Sunni or Later

By: E&P Staff For several weeks, E&P has featured the blog postings of McClatchy's Iraqi staffers in its Baghdad bureau. They post -- often with bitter humor -- at the company's Inside Iraq site, but their names are partly hidden for obvious security reasons.

Here's the latest this week, from one of the regular posters, correspondent "Sahar."

An explosion in Baghdad is nothing novel. This one was very big. It was also very close to my home, and as a result, most of our windowpanes ended as splinters on the floor.

Neither is this the first time that happens. Routinely, fetch the ?glass-man? and repair the windows... again.

What?s novel about ?this time? is that we couldn?t.

We couldn?t find a ?glass-man? willing to come into our neighborhood to fix the windows. All the professionals in the nearby industrial area are Shiite.

I risked my life going in to fetch one, but they will not risk their lives to fix my windows...understandably.

My kids and I spent the night in a house with no glass in its windows ?
That was novel.

I will have to go out looking for a Sunni ?glass man." That?s novel.

I asked my colleagues, today, if anyone knew a Sunni ?glass man?; they looked at me as if I had taken leave of my senses.

But I haven?t. I need a ?glass man?, urgently!

Will we spend another night huddled together, pretending to be asleep?
ANYONE??? A SUNNI ?glass man????

And thus it begins.


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