Latest from McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers: Please, America, Just Go

By: E&P Staff For several weeks, we have been featuring the postings of McClatchy's Iraqi staffers and correspondents in its Baghdad bureau, from the blog Inside Iraq. The writers' full names are not given for security reasons.

Here is the latest from one of the regular posters, "Dulaimy." It is a message to Americans titled simply "Leave." It concludes: "We had enough, let our country go free. By staying, you are forcing people to join Al Qaeda and militias."

We are happy that we got rid of Saddam but we will never be happy to give away our country in return.

Sorry if our flesh harmed your knives... is that what they want us to say? Is this what they came for?

The failure of this invasion is a victory for FREEDOM and a defeat for radicals in U.S. and later in Iraq.

Order the troops to leave Mr. President. Afraid for the safety and the future of this place? Leave 20 thousands of your soldiers on both Iranian and Syrian borders and let us take over our own country. THIS COUNTRY WILL BE FREE... whether you take your troops out now or by the efforts of the good people of Iraq and America. Sooner or later they will leave, and Al Qaeda will be defeated by the efforts of the good sons of Iraq....

After the troops leave, the Iraqis who were more divided by the invasion will realize that the only way to live in this country will be through accepting the other (as our people did through more than 1400 years), we had our own civil wars and we lived through....

Car bombs are killing civilians (on daily basis), in many times hundreds were killed. Mass kidnappings more than 100 employees were kidnapped from the governmental buildings. Terrorists and militias are rounding up tens of people from markets and central Baghdad, bridges are bombed, neighborhoods are cleansed (on sectarian basis). Tens of dead bodies are found every day in Baghdad and many cities.

Please someone answer me... Why the presence of foreign troops is necessary? Why? what can happen more? instead of 30 dead bodies found daily in Baghdad for the next 10 years if the troops didn't leave... after the pullout we will have 60 dead bodies a day for one year after the pullout.

Oh by the way before the troops leave they better do it right...give the government 4 months to announce themselves as a transitional government to arrange the troops' withdrawal, announce a draft among the Iraqi people to recruit young men in the Iraqi army so it will be national army not sectarian... and postpone the constitution amendments till the troops leave so the people will convince it's a legitimate constitution and few things more... PLEASE don't let Bush plan for this, please... he will screw it...

To all American families, we are sorry for your loss and our deep sympathy with you. The American mothers lost more than 3000 sons in Iraq but the Iraqi mothers lost about 600,000 people and this MUST STOP.

And if someone told you, my friends, that we don't want to urge the pullout of the troops for feeling sorry for the iraqi people, tell them: we (Iraqis) are not sorry for ourselves...."I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself."

We have had enough, let our country go free. By staying, you are forcing people to join Al Qaeda and militias.


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