Latest from McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers: We're No. 1 ... in Corruption

By: E&P Staff For several weeks, E&P has been spotlighting the postings of McClatchy's Iraqi staffers in its Baghdad bureau, which appear on the Inside Iraq blog. Their names are only partly revealed for security reasons.

Here is a Memorial Day post from "correspondent Jenan."


Today we live in Iraqi?s achievements time, I?m talking about the fictional achievements that our government try to persuade us of its existence by using statements, signs, or even using brainwashing to make us believe these achievements.

On the first anniversary of forming the government in Iraq, every thing around us reminds of achievements that our elected government has accomplished within its first year by help of the greatest power ... the USA!!!. Did you ever hear of hidden services or invisible projects? That what our government try to make Iraqi people believe ?

When I switch on the TV I always find a sign shown on it ?government of huge achievements?. In the newspaper we find the same sign, even in the streets I read these signs everywhere. I?m always wondering what are these achievements? At least let us see or feel them, are they happening here, in another country or maybe on another planet? They should be visible, shouldn?t they? Or maybe we are a demanding people, never feel content ever ? MAYBE!!

Really I don?t know what the difference between this elected regime and Saddam?s regime? Both of them use fictional statements to hide painful facts as if we are blind people...please we need transparency and credibility in dealing ... no more lies ... please ... is that impossible ?

One week ago when I read in the newspaper about the achievements I tried to remove the fog from my eyes to see these achievements ? they should be somewhere here or there but, sorry I can?t find any of these except infamous achievements like absence of electricity for four year ...

But this crisis has become worse within last year, that our refrigerator turned to ordinary box to hide useless things, no pure water or any kind of water, the tap is always dry, the prices have been doubled within this year, no building has been raised, on the contrary there are many buildings have been destroyed, no plot of land has been distributed to solve the housing problems although Iraq has large empty land that transfers to shelters of terrorists. ...

Almost half year passed and our ministers are talking about their plans for this year including huge projects that need years to be finished and they promise us to be finished in the end of year!!!!

Oh yes there are many crisis and disasters happened and still happening on our land as a result of achievements like pollution and corruption, Iraq is number one in corruption at least we are number one in some thing.


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